Spilling the beans…. Part 1

Well, the time has come to reveal to you the details behind the vague blog post titled “beginnings happen at the end of your comfort zone” from August 17th, 2012.

I am excited and honored to announce my new partnership with MeRa Koh to offer photography workshops for moms. First of all, if you do not know MeRa Koh (and you need to) you can familiarize yourself by clicking here.

I will try sum up my feelings about MeRa in a few sentences. She is incredibly inspiring and an amazing advocate for women. MeRa has overcome a lot of adversity and is an open book about sharing her story and her struggles. She has pushed through barriers and made strides in self-discovery that most of us only dream of accomplishing. The special thing about MeRa is that she goes after her dreams and exceeds them. Even better, she does it while inspiring others along the way. Please take a few moments out your day to read about MeRa. Her story just might inspire you!

Starting in January 2013 I will be offering confidence photography workshops for moms. Our focus is to instill confidence in moms and breakdown the complex interworking of your digital camera. Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to know everything about your camera to take a great photo. Promise! I am so excited to share with you what has taken me years and lots of heartache to learn. After all, you are the only person present for every precious (or not so precious) moment of your child’s life. You are the one who is there for the spontaneous cuteness we gush about. Sure, you can hire a photographer to come to your home and document your family for a few hours. I, being a photographer, can confidently tell you that we will not capture every milestone of your child in one session. We do our best but it is just not logistically possible. Unless, I move in with you!:-)

I have not even touched on my personal experience and growth from our countless trainings. Be on the lookout for Part 2 of my post later in the week.

I invite you to look around and sign up for my January workshop here.

I am grateful for this opportunity to connect with all of you. I look forward to helping you document the legacy of your family. Mostly, I am grateful to call MeRa and my 13 fellow teachers “friends.” We all need friends to accompany us on our great adventures.

Lastly, a blog post is always better with a photo. Here is a virtual toast to a new season with Tonya Todd Photography.

 “The world is craving authenticity and I think we are it!” MeRa Koh

bride & groom

Here is a peek of Christine and Larry. They are coming soon…..

“She gives me presents - With her presence alone - She gives me everything I could wish for - She gives me kisses on the lips just for coming home”

“No one on the corner have swagga like us - Swagga like us, swagga swagga like us”

Megan – Cascade Christian Senior


“The” shot – it doesn’t always happen…..

Let me set up the scene for you. Jaime was coming in from out of state to visit family with her 1 year old son, Jax. Jaime messaged me wanting really just one good shot of Jax and his 2 cousins, Wyatt and Charlie. Well, do you know what?! It didn’t happen. We were not able to get all 3 kids on board at the same time. If one was happy… two were sad. If two were happy… one was sad. Sometimes it just doesn’t happen and, in my opinion, it is OK. We didn’t get a shot of every child smiling perfectly. Children are unpredictable and this is what I love about photographing children. I must say, that this is one of the best sessions I have ever had. I *NEVER* come home and edit immediately after a shoot. Never. I knew this one was great – nontraditional but great. Honestly, I LOVE unconventional – it feels so raw, real, authentic and (most importantly) tells a story.

Like I said, we didn’t get “the” shot BUT we did get these. Failure? Hell no! I love them all. I really hope Jaime loves them too.

Perfectly imperfect.

Is this the coolest t-shirt you have even seen?

sweet Jax loving on his mama

Yep, this happens too!

Charlie has one of the sweetest voices you will ever hear.

and sometimes boys just like to run around in their underwear

Mason popped in for a few pics – look at that face!

I am saving the best for last. This was suppose to be our shot.

It. Wasn’t. Happening.

I love these last 2 images. Absolutely LOVE them!



bouncing baby boy

ba · by

noun \ˈbā-bē\

1 : an extremely young child
2 : the youngest of a group
3 : something that is one’s special responsibility, achievement, or interest
F o l l o w   M e